Dr. MOOVES A&D: A Mobile Game that Gets You Moving!

We’ve combined physical therapy movements with engaging dances to create a mobile game that helps track and improve body movement over time.

Our Story Begins...

With more than 6.5 million children requiring motion therapy, Playing Forward developed the Dr. MOOVES A&D mobile application to be convenient and cost effective for a child’s at-home physical therapy practice. However, we realized that every body benefits from understanding their movement and tracking improvement over time.

That’s why we made Dr. MOOVES A&D available in the Apple Store, and why we’re working on new dances and characters coming soon!


There are currently 5 dances in the Dr. MOOVES A&D app to play along with. Dance every day to view your day’s results and track your progress over time. Our primary mobility metrics include Balance, Sway, Stability, Symmetry, Synchrony, and Basal Support. If you’re working along with a therapist, you can get emailed a breakdown of your full 36 movement results!

Whether you’re using our app to practice physical therapy or to track your personal movement ability, you can have fun dancing along with characters like Bianca, Vix, Skeleton Child, and Carmela!

How To Play Dr. MOOVES A&D

For Kids, Parents & Therapists

Our patent pending technology was built with therapist input and tested in an IRB study. It helps therapists measure the progress of their patients when they’re not in-clinic. And parents agree that our game engaged their children in play and helped them stay involved in their physical therapies over time.

Coming Soon to Dr. MOOVES A&D!

The Dr. MOOVES A&D Platform


Our entertainment assets keep kids engaged in their therapies and helps keep progress on track.


Behind the scenes, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) helps us personalize game play.

Motion Capture

Motion capture helps us objectively observe and document the effectiveness of movement therapy.


We gamify therapy to keep kids engaged. Our software is compatible with mobile platforms.

Partnerships for Play