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Who We Are

Playing Forward is a revolutionary educational entertainment and technology company. Our primary focus is on play-based, digital experiences for kids, experiences that enhance reading skills and which promote social-emotional learning through warm and engaging narratives. We take the view that apps are of the highest value if they educate through engaging and entertaining their audience.

Our technology and creative teams work hand-in-hand to keep our technology at the leading edge of what’s possible, enabling us to continually develop new experiences and supportive applications in both home and clinical environments.

Whatever we create has to be worth its weight in fun, and having fun is the gateway to growth. Our name comes from the fact that we’re “playing it forward”, to give every child the very best shot at a happy kidhood and a successful adulthood after that.

How We’re Doing It

We are proud to be bringing engaging, entertaining and educational app-based Augmented and Mixed reality experiences to multiple hardware platforms. Our apps work on readily available phones and tablets, but we also create experiences for augmented, virtual and mixed reality headsets.

We have developed a consistent and repeatable process in conjunction with our dynamic Development, Delivery & Analytic platform, enabling short cycle times from concept to delivery to feedback. By creating a partnership-driven creative product pipeline, we are able to cater to both established brands and new content. Our focus is on developing products which use the unique engagement of augmented reality to create educational, developmental and, ultimately, therapeutic applications. Playing Forward is in business not just to generate ‘product’, but to generate progress, one kid at a time.

Our Experiences


Explore a 3D, animated story world! Each page is presented just like a scene of a movie, but with the ability to explore it from all different perspectives. Each story has a ‘narrate’ button, and most include the ability to repeat words, or whole sentences for pre- or early readers. Our stories are carefully chosen for their thoughtful themes and teachable moments, specifically around social and emotional growth. The 3D experience is particularly suited for reading together in a single place, such as when settling down at bedtime.

Augmented Reality (AR)

For the ultimate in engagement, the scenes of our story can come alive right on the table (floor, bed, wall, or any surface) in front of you, in 3D Augmented Reality. Take your mobile phone or tablet, tap the screen where the butterfly appears and, just like magic, the scene appears before you, on whichever device you’re using. Walk all around, zoom in, zoom out, make your favorite characters as huge as giants or as tiny as ants, it’s a whole new world to explore right in your child’s own home.


We have invented the world’s first holographic cartoons, called Holotoons(tm). Holotoons take traditional 2D video experiences, and transforms them into holographically-presented, 3D-powered augmented reality experiences, guaranteed to excite imaginations. Holotoons can materialize tinily on your kitchen table or gigantically in a football stadium. Wherever your kid goes, Holotoons can follow. 

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary crew of expert technologists, educators, developmental researchers working in collaboration with an Oscar-winning creative team, including visual artists, animators, and writers.

John Attard

Founder; CTO & CEO

Victor Talbot

Founder; Chief Insight Officer (CIO)

Nicole Novak, CCC-SLP

Catalyst; Educational Consultant


Robert Harris

Former President, MCA/Universal Television; former Head of AOL Broadband

Walter Greenleaf PhD

Visiting Scholar & Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University

Clarice Kestenbaum MD

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, former Director of Training, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Columbia University

Molly Stewart-Lawlor MA, PhD

Child Development and Mindfulness expert, Ph.D candidate, Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology and Special Education, The University of British Columbia.