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About Our Apps

Playing Forward’s first three releases are stories designed to engage and entertain young children, on their own, or with a parent. Each is designed to explore themes related to common challenges that young children face. These are:

  • Maxi the Taxi Dog and the Bark in the Dark: Fear of the dark
  • Stan Lee’s Dex T-Rex: Self-Awareness and perspective taking
  • Lizzy’s World: It’s Just So…: Feelings around change and newness

When you launch any of our apps from your iPhone or iPad, you will arrive in The VROOM, where you’ll see a character representing the story. Tap on the character and you’ll be taken straight into the start of the 3D animated story experience.

The 3D experience is one of two experiences that come with every Playing Forward app designed for young children. The other is our Augmented Reality (AR) experience, where the story pops up in 3D in front of you, on your table top or floor. We’ve done that for a good reason: the 3D experience is best for “bedtime story” use, with a young child and parent or career – the last thing you want when trying to get a youngster settled down is to be encouraging them to leap around the room and look at the story from all angles. The 3D experience is also the best one to use when travelling, as device movement in a car or plane tends to upset the Augmented Reality version. So the AR experience is most appropriate when the young one is already awake and active, encouraging them to move around whilst playing.

You can then switch between the 3D and the AR versions at any time, just by touching the AR button in the 3D experience, or the book icon when in the AR version.

Finding your away around the 3D experience

  • Swipe from right to left across the screen to move to the next scene
  • Swipe from left to right across the screen to move to the previous scene
  • When there’s an arrow pointing up above the story text, slide down on it to go to the previous text
  • When there’s an arrow pointing down below the story text, slide up on it to go to the next text
  • Touch the button to repeat the story for this scene
  • In the 3D book, touch the AR  button (the image of a device pointed at a table) to bring the current scene to life in your own world
  • In the AR world, touch the book  button to return to the 3D experience
  • Touch any character to see the game from their point of view. Touch anywhere else on the screen to return to the original view.
  • **In Dex T-Rex and Maxi the Taxi Dog, pressing and holding any word of the text will cause that word to be repeated out loud.

Explore the Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

  • If you haven’t used the AR version of the app before, it will ask if it’s OK to access the camera – the Augmented Reality mode needs to use the camera before it will work
  • Point your phone or tablet at the surface on which you want the story to appear
  • Tap on the screen at the point where you want the images to appear
  • If any scene appears either too large or too small, use the zoom up or down buttons on the left of screen to make the scene larger or smaller
  • If you want to reposition the scene any time, just point your device at the desired point, and tap on the screen.
  • In AR mode, tap on the arrow to the right of the text to move to the next scene or on the arrow to the right of the text to move to the previous scene.


To run our apps, you’ll need an Apple device that runs iOS 11 and has an A9 or later processor. For iPhones, that’s anything from the iPhone 6S onwards and recent generation iPads (this excludes the Air).


Want to talk with an actual human? We understand. If you find any problems or have any queries about our apps, please leave us a message at (845) 244-0582 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Will you be releasing your apps for Android devices?

Yes, absolutely, with Google now having moved their AR software out of beta, it’s now available on more phones and tablets: we’re just going through final testing of our products on Android before release.

What in-app purchases are available/needed?

At present, you can buy coins with in-app purchases to allow you to personalize the characters and their surroundings in the apps. When you buy each app, you get 25 coins to get you started, enough for five personalizations. When you run out of those, you can buy another 25 coins for $0.99 (or the App Store’s equivalent in your local currency), 100 for $2.99 (enough for 25 personalizations) or 500 coins for $9.99 (enough for 100 personalizations).

Will I be able to use my coins for anything else?

Yes: we’ll be introducing more things to do in your stories in future – your apps will automatically update with those.

Please direct any further questions to or (845) 244-0582.