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With everything that’s happened this year, we wanted to look back at the amazing opportunities we’ve had and the partners who worked with us to bring us where we are today. We’re excited for the progress we’ve made, the advancements made in the industries we bring together, and what’s coming next for our innovative platform. Our work would not have gotten to where it is without collaboration and multi-disciplinary skillsets.

So, a shout out to our major partners in play!

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles gave us the opportunity to participate in their Gamify Pediatrics Demo Day to test our theory that making movement into play greatly influences adherence to physical therapy practice for kids both in-clinic and at home. The kids were improving their mobility in a way that made them feel great – through play! Even more, CHLA has asked us to test with their motion therapists and we will be joining a multi-hospital POC trial in 2021. We truly feel that CHLA showed us the positive impact we could make with our innovative platform.

We can’t talk about innovation and algorithms without mentioning Nvidia and our participation in their exclusive Inception Program. Through this program we’ve been able to further develop the Artificial Intelligence that will help patients improve while they play. They’ve helped us elevate the entertainment aspect of our games with measurable data that is required for the healthcare industry. Yep, we’re bringing the fun to healthcare (if you haven’t guessed that already)! So, it’s natural that we’d partner with Health Innovation Technology Lab – HITLAB. They’re on the frontlines of digital healthcare innovation using their diverse, interdisciplinary network and research and evidence-based methods, to create forward-thinking solutions with their partnerships.

And then we come to our entertainment partner – Nickelodeon! With access to SpongeBob, Dora the Explorer, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we are set up to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the movement therapy industry for kids.

In June of 2020, digital health company Akili announced FDA approval for their Endeavor Rx.  This is monumental because it was the first time in history that prescription treatment could be delivered through a video game to children with ADHD.  This breakthrough paved the way for future gaming platforms to receive FDA approval.  We know that our game acumen, entertainment assets, user testing and IRB approved feasibility study puts our movement therapy platform in a very solid position in this new therapeutic class.

Which brings us to the most exciting news…EXERCISE IMMUNOLOGY! We just launched MCT Wellness, a fun mobile app that measures motor function and “Rate of Change”, the amount of potential room for change a person has in a particular domain IN THEIR BODY, DIRECTLY LINKED TO exercise and your immune system, and it sends you results in seconds! Click here to download directly to your mobile device and test it today!  We would love your feedback.  Let’s build our immunity and move our bodies together with this innovative tool for Exercise Immunology!

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Times are changing and we, at Playing Forward, have been working hard to adapt our technology to give therapists the tools that they need to continue doing wonderful work even in this virtual environment.

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